Where to See Snow in Cape Town on a Chilly Winters Day

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We all know winter is coming, and this year it arrived early. The weather over the weekend turned into a whole new world as hail balls size marbles were dropped on us from heaven to make way for icy sleet that covered everything in sight!

Whether you thought these events were too extravagant or not enough information doesn’t matter; what does though are my predictions regarding future snowsnolarity: I predict there will be more of them (snowy).

About Cape Town Snow

We were lucky enough to experience what it’s like when temperatures dip below freezing in Cape Town recently. The result is sleet and hail, which look more or less just like regular snow except for how hard they can be upon touch due to their low chilliness levels- this makes them feel colder than actual fluff!

Luckily though you don’t have far away places such as Ceres which boast an annual average of nine inches per year so there will always remain some people left wondering why our city never got anything better despite all efforts made by marketers over time.

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Does it Actually Snow in Cape Town?

We’re not going to let you snow-suckers have all the fun. We know how much people love their Cape Town slush, so we wanted to give them an article about what happens when it snows here-and guess who gets invited?

When it snows in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa and home to over 3 million people each year during winter months when temperatures need be below freezing for snowfall. The first flakes often fall towards mid-June while there’s still some left from last years season; by early July you’ll have plenty more than what seems reasonable! With such amazing scenery as this sight available just an hour away from our beautiful Mother City – why not make time?

Where to See Snow in Cape Town

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The best time to visit Cape Town for a snowy experience is from June through July. locals get very excited once the snowfall has been thick enough so they can enjoy it – ask around and you’ll be able find out what’s new with weather conditions as well some enthusiast tips on where those who live there recommend going!

1. Ceres

The picturesque fruit-growing town of Ceres is best known for its snowfields. The remote area outside Cape Town offers plenty to do in the winter, whether you’re a skier or not: there are various areas where one can enjoy skiing and other leisure activities like sledging with friends on open spaces near houses that have been built at higher levels than normal terrain height so they don’t get covered by floods during heavy rainfall.

The delicious-looking fruits grown here come from trees planted centuries ago.

2. Worcester

The town of Worcester is a beautiful place to visit in the winter. You’ll be able to enjoy some views that are both scenic and mountainous, with plenty more things for you to do here too! If wine tasting isn’t enough excitement then try your hand at trout fishing on these lovely lakes found within several estates nearby or take an afternoon walk around old churches built centuries ago – they’re always worth seeing.

3. Tulbagh

When you think of the Western Cape, Tulbagh is probably not at the forefront. However, this quaint town has become a popular travel destination in recent years and for good reason! From gorgeous Edwardian homes with immense gardens to Victorian ancestors sitting on their front steps chatting away while watching over everything happening around them-it’s hard not to fall in love with all these old houses have taught us about life when they’re so enchanting right off stage entranceway.

So if you free up early morning hours during winter break (or any other time)we highly recommend going out there next week because who knows what could happen.

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Wrapping Up Where to See Snow in Cape Town

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the snow this winter, don’t miss your chance! Visit Cape Town and experience an incredible time. Bring along some friends or family members so that everyone can have fun in these frozen conditions together – it will be one worth remembering forever because who knows when we’ll get another opportunity at freezing temperatures again soon after?

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