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Canopy tours in Cape Town are one of the most popular adventure activities in and around the Mother City. Whizzing over forests and waterfalls is an experience you won’t soon forget! There are many places you can zipline in the Western Cape, so it all depends on how far you want to travel from your luxury Cape Town accommodation, and the types of scenery you want to experience.

You can create these experiences with Cape Canopy Tours which have a few ziplining tours throughout the Western Cape, or you can enjoy a tour by numerous other companies. Here’s what you can expect from a canopy tour in the Western Cape.

What is Ziplining?

Ziplining often referred to as an aerial runway, is a pulley that slides along a thick cable. This cable is angled at a slope to give riders the momentum to gain incredible speeds. If you’re looking to enjoy incredible views, while travelling at speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour, then ziplining might just be for you.

Is Ziplining Safe?

Ziplining is incredibly safe. In fact, it’s one of the safest adventure activities around. At each and every one of the ziplining venues mentioned below, you’ll be fully kitted out with a safety harness as well as a helmet.

Ziplining tours always provide a guide to follow you along the route, to ensure everyone follows safety protocols and has a great time. Having a knowledgeable guide with you puts your mind at peace, and allows you to focus on the adventure at hand.

Where to Go Ziplining Near Cape Town

Here’s exactly where you should be going to experience ziplining in and around the Mother City.

Ziplining Cape Town

Ziplining in SIlvermine Estate is perfect for first-timers. Why? Because the ziplines aren’t located too high up, eliminating the chance of experiencing vertigo. But you’ll still feel the rush of whizzing through the air at great speeds.

The tours are run by SA forest adventures, who also offer conference services, a restaurant, and other team-building activities on-site. This site is easily accessible to those within Cape Town, but for tourists, it may be easier to take the hop-on hop-off red bus to the location.

Zipline Ceres

Ceres Zip Slide Adventures takes place in the Schurweberg Mountains just below the Koekedouw Dam. These eight slides stretch for 1.4 kilometres and range in length, between 100 and 290 kilometres long. Located just an hour and a half from Cape Town, this is a great ziplining option for those who don’t want to venture too far from the city.

Elgin Zipline

Located a mere hour from the Mother City, Cape Canopy Tours provides a scenic zipline adventure through the Elgin Valley (near Grabouw). Expect stunning vistas and mountainscapes as you whizz over the natural fynbos.

During the adventure, you’ll scale the Hottentots Holland Mountains while taking in an exciting aerial perspective of the surrounding landscape. The area which you will be ziplining through was a previously inaccessible portion of the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve – so there’s something a little more exclusive about this adventure.

Zipline Mossel Bay

The Mossel Bay Zipline is the longest over-ocean zip line in the world. You’ll glide over the ocean for 1100 metres (that’s 1.1 kilometres just in case you missed it). While taking on this adrenaline-fueled adventure over the glistening waters of the bay, you’ll reach up to 90km/h.

Located four and a half hours from Cape Town, this zipline gives you a birds-eye view of caves, the ocean, and even the local wildlife; most commonly seagulls, seals, and sharks.

Something that only adds to the fun of this thrilling experience is the chance that you might get absolutely soaked along the way. During high tides and stormy weather, it’s not uncommon for zipliners to glide straight through a wave. So don’t forget to pack a spare set of clothes.

Final Thoughts on Ziplining in Cape Town

The Mother City has plenty of adventures to offer, ziplining is just yet another feather in the city’s cap. With Cape Town offering such beautiful views (in the city and in its surrounding areas), there’s truly no better way to enjoy them, for adrenaline junkies that is.

So if you’re up for the thrill, be sure to book a guided ziplining tour in or around Cape Town for a heart-pumping experience.

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